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How To Be A Good Leader

To be a good leader, you don’t have to be a CEO or have a fancy title. A title does not make a good leader, qualities and action does. If you want to be a great leaders you have to…

Don’t Let 2021 Accident Ruin Your 2022

I believe everyone is planning or has planned to have a fantastic 2022.But here is the fact that no matter how serious, hard working and prayerful one is, this new year (2022) can be ruined even before the 12th month….

120 Most Useful Websites On The Internet

They are over 1.18billion websites on the internet and the number keeps increasing daily, yet, some website are useful than each other. These useful website are site that increase productivity, makes your works faster and help you learn new skills….

Important Things To Know Before Building A New House

Congrats, you are ready to build your new house. Constructing your own house can be challenging but if you plan properly and deal with the problems likely to arise, you are good to go. To make it simple for you,…

Concept Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing also referred to Online Marketing is the promotion of brands, goods and services to connect to potential customers via digital communication and internet. In practice, Digital Marketing are promotional campaigns that appears on devices such as mobile phones,…

Effects Of Cashless Policy

Cashless policy might sounds odd in some ears, but with the look of things in the society, it’s already on its way. Several powerful forces are behind Cashless transactions including government and financial companies. Though no country or Society has…

7 Things You Must Do While Charging Your Smartphone

All phones and battery have an expiry date, but the way you use your phone will determine if it will last long or not. Here are 7 things you must do while charging your phone 1. Charge Your Phone With…

Microsoft Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Microsoft Windows are used to navigate easily and execute commands. The windows Logo key is a powerful tool on keyboards if you know the shortcut. People that are novice to Windows logo key shortcuts and other shortcuts uses…

List Of Phones That Will Stop Working On WhatsApp From November 2021

The instant popular social media messaging app, WhatsApp, will stop work on some phones from November 1, 2021 due to outdated Operating System(OS). The move was necessary to protect the security of WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone. To keep…

The Basic Accounting Equation

The accounting equation also called the balance sheet shows the relationship between Assets, Liabilities abd Equity of a business. It concur with the principles of double entry book keeping system. For each transaction, the total debits equal the total credits….