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How To Make Money On PalmPay

PalmPay is a completely secure payment system that allow it users perform financial transaction and get rewards.

With PalmPay, users can transfer money, receive money, pay bills, buy airtime, place bet and lots more.

To start performing transactions and earning rewards from PalmPay, do the follow;

To get started, with PalmPay Click Here to download and install PalmPay mobile app. Enter your details and use FP0N00 as your referral code to get ₦100 for free.

After downloading the app, you can perform the transactions;


You can make free transfer for any amounts for the first three transaction in a day. You will be charged ₦10 thereafter.


Whenever you deposit ₦1000 or more via bank transfer or your ATM card, you earn ₦50 in Palmpoints bonus per week.


Whenever you top-up, you cashback up to 15% on every transaction depending on the amount.

Bill Payments

On Palmpay, you can pay for your Cable/TV subscription, Electricity bills and other bills. You will get 2 to 3% cashback on up to 10 transactions in a month.

Others Ways You Can Make Money On PalmPay


After signing up on the PalmPay app, you will get a referral code. Then, you invite your friends and family to sign up using your referral code. Once they they sign up, you get ₦300 for free while they get ₦100 for free.

Note; These monies are laid in form of Palmpoints and if the users did not sign up with the referral code, thy will not get the ₦100 for free.

Play The Lucky Game

This is a game of chance within the PalmPay app and it can be played once after transaction. You can win different cash prizes with this game, you get what you win.


You get some cash back when you perform transactions on the app with Palmpoint.

Note: PalmPoint are a form of currency within the PalmPay app. You can use these point to perform transactions such as airtime purchase, bill payment and others. Pls note, 1 PalmPoint equals ₦1.

Cash Spree

This feature allows you make money on palmpay for inviting family and friends to download the app. To earn cash with this option, you pick the amount you want to earn ranking from ₦500 to ₦3000 and invite the number of people so that you can cash out.

Awoof Moni

This is one of the most interesting feature on Palmpay app. This feature allows you to send a free airtime coupon up to ₦100 to users and non users of PalmPay app, once they redeem it, you get the same amount too. This is a way to save more if you do buy airtime frequently.

Group Buying

This is like buying in group. That is if 5 people or more using the app buy something together or items such as airtime, data, bills, betting and electronic items, you will all get discount. With this feature you can get 10 to 20% off when you purchase any of the above.

PalmPay ₦50 Grab Deals

The PalmPay Grab deal allow users to participate in ongoing deals to win an item for free once the maximum bids are completed.

To participate in the ₦50 Grab deals, click on “Grab” from the PalmPay App, pay ₦50 to grab a phone banner to view available items for grabs. Select the item you will love to bid on and proceed to payment, complete the payment and head over to grab deal page.

That’s not all, they are other ways to earn on Palmpay such as daily check in rewards, Gemstones and so on. Ensure you download the app from Play Store, explore the app and start making cash.

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