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6 Places You Should Never Buy Land

Do you know they are places you should never buy land if you want to truly invest in real estate?

So many people dreamed to have their own landed property because of the freedom involved, besides, the cost of living as a tenants in other people’s house is high couple with the fact that other unavoidable bills are involved such as electricity bill, waste bills, community projects and all sorts.

If you plan to invest in real estate, then you should take note the following. I believe, you never want buy a house that won’t give you rest peace of mind or buy a house that will be demolished in a twinkle of an eye. Please Click Here to know important things before building a house.

Irrespective of the place you plan to get your new apartment either in urban areas, rural areas or somewhere in between, these places mentioned below are to be avoided seriously.

1. Drainage Pathways

Building a house or any other structure on a pathways is very dangerous.

This can prevents free flow of water, cause bad drainage, pollution or cause other health or environmental damages.

If you already have a drainage system beneath your house, you may need to relocate. Besides, government agencies in charge of buildings and architectures can demolished such building anytime once discovered.

2. Pipelines

So many people are guilty of this. Pipelines underneath are conduit made of pipes used to convey gas, water, petroleum, etc

It is pertinent to note the gas explosion that happened some months back at Abule Ado, Ojo Barracks via Festac town in Lagos state. The explosion destroyed many homes, schools and many lives were lost.

If you planning to buy a land of house, do not buy land or structures within 25meters of a pipeline.

3. Railways

Railways lines are track consisting of parallel rails over which vehicles referred to as train may travel.

Most times, houses are demolished when constructing a new railway lines, sometimes train might derails by going off track, hence, as a general guideline, don not buy or build any structures within 25metres of a railway line.

If you also also want to start a new business, avoid railway line.

4. High Tension Transmission Area

This is the most dangerous area you need to avoid, it is very risky and must be avoided at all cost.

If there is any crack on any High tension transmission cable, wires or pylon can land on houses or structures that are underneath; and what does that mean? Automatically things will be destroyed.

However, before you build a structure on a land somewhat close to high tension area, you will need to bring your surveyor for regulations on setback to avoid demolition in the future.

5. Unsecured Areas

Area and communities known for crimes, vandalism, robbing and illegal act should be strongly avoided. People and families within a geographical area are bound by norms, habit, system of conventions and traditions in such area.

Your security should be your number 1 priority when investing in real estate and i so much believe you don’t want to buy a land that will be hijacked from you after some months, so pls put security first.


6. Abandoned Structures/Government Secured Property

Avoid buying lands in strange areas. So many people purchase lands without knowing the source of those lands.

Some lands have been abandoned for a long period of time while some are acquired by government.

Before, you purchase a land, try to know about the areas/community and the sources of your land before purchase to avoid future demolition without compensation.


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