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10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Oftentimes, ladies that have been victim of infidelity are bothered to know the reason why men cheat? Have you ever been a victim of infidelity or do you have a friend who is a victim? One of the questions that comes to mind after hearing or seeing this is “Why did he cheat?” I am not saying women are 100% faithful but I will focus on men today. Sometimes, you kept on wondering why is he cheating when you are not cheating? What’s the reason why he cheat? Sometimes you are bothered to know why.

Do you know what? knowing the reason why he is always cheating on you won’t stop him from cheating, in fact, he will be unfaithful the more you care to know. Generally, some of the men that cheats are men that doesn’t have Self-Control. They have allow their behaviour to be driven, directed and controlled by emotions. To break it down, they are 10 common reasons why some men are cheating on their spouse. The reasons are highlighted below:

1. Indefinite Amount Do Cheat Because Of Marital Dissatisfaction

The most common reasons why some men cheat is because their needs are not met in marriage. The belief of some men is that once they cannot derive maximum satisfaction in marriage, the next thing is to start cheating thinking the marital problems will be solved in their mind as long as their wife does not know.

2. Some Men Cheat Due To Childhood Abuse

Some men might have been reenacting to unresolved emotional wounds from  childhood such as physical abuse, sexual abuse or such like. In this case, the childhood trauma might have created attachment that made him unwilling to commit to one person, using the infidelity as a way to relief the pains of his childhood.

3. Some Men Cheat Because Of Marital Edge

Some men do cheat because they know there is a dividing line between singleness and marriage. The way they behaves when they are single would be practically different when they gets married especially those that club day-in-day-out as they will like to behave responsibly as breadwinner of the family. If they should try to cross those line, they would be guilty. The more you beg them not cross the line, the more you devalue yourself; besides, he is likely to cheat again and again.

4. Most Men Cheat Because Of Their Selfishness

Some men do cheats because of their selfish interest. They can tell lies and do all sorts to get what they want. Sometimes people like this has different views in marriage and likely to be a monogamist.

5. Some Men Cheat Because They Always Want Something “Extra” beside the “Ordinary”

Some men can eat anything be it good or bad, fine or ugly, sweet or bitter. They believe all food goes to the mouth and all invitation should be honoured. Men like this are never contented, they share characteristics with the former.

6. Few Men Cheat Due To Mental Disorder

Some men have an ongoing problems with drugs or alcohol that affect their decision making process which may have negative effect on their sexual decision.

7. The Reason Why Some Men Do Cheat Because They Cannot Say NO

Some men think others(women or men) may be saying they are not sexually productive  if they reject or turn down a sexual invitation, in fact some men think they are not real if they do so. The more they get attention, the more they think they are man enough.

8. Some Men Do Cheat Because Of Anger Or Revenge 

Some men cheats to get revenge. This happens when couples hurt each other. The man will not bother to keep secret because he wants his infidelity to be seen and known.

9. Some Men Cheat Due To A Sudden Force That Impels

Some may don’t have it at the back of their mind to cheat until such opportunity shows up. Without thinking twice, they went for it as if its a business opportunity without minding what would happen afterwards.

10. Some Men Cheat Because Of Insecurity

Some men cheat because they feel they are not rich, too old, too young or not handsome. In order to boost their ego, they go after women other than their mate using sextracurricular activities to feel worthy and wanted.

Whatsoever may be the reason men cheat,  a man of integrity and honesty with always be one, no matter the circumstances. Knowing why he cheated can be helpful  so that such won’t repeat again.


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