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Difference Between Facebook Account & Facebook Page

People use Facebook for different purposes but they are 2 major ways you can use Facebook.

You can use Facebook as an account(profile), you can also use Facebook as a Page.

A lot of people don’t know the difference between facebook account and Facebook page. So many of organizations has zero idea about how Facebook works, some created Facebook account for their organization instead of Facebook page.

So many organizations fall into this category, if yours is among, it is advisable to make a U-turn now.

Now, check out the differences between Facebook account and Facebook page below;

Facebook Account/Profile

i. Facebook Account is your personal profile where you put in your picture and information about yourself, where you have worked, marital status, state of origin and relationship status.

ii. It is a place you upload your status, express your feeling and thinking.

iii. Facebook account known as Facebook profile is strictly for personal individuals, automatically, it represent your personal identity.

iv. You can add friends and accept friend request.

v. You use Facebook account when you want to keep information private.

vi. You can only have one Facebook account/profile in your name.

vii. Facebook account/profile is to be managed by only one person.

viii. You can’t have more than 5000 friend on Facebook.

ix. Facebook account doesn’t have advertising options.

x. Facebook account does not have analytic options.

Facebook Page

i. Facebook page is for brands, public figures, organizations and business.

ii. Facebook page also have cover photo, main photo and status updates.

iii. People connect to Facebook page by liking or following the page.

iv. Just like Facebook Profile is to add friend and send friend request, Facebook page is to have followers and likes. Facebook page is used when you want to be found and like by many people as possble, hence, the followers and likes you would get are limitless.

v. You can have many business Facebook page as much as possible.

vi. Facebook page can be managed by over more than one person either as an admin, editor, moderator, etc

vi. Facebook page has advertising options

vii. Facebook page has analytic option

Facebook account/profile can be created and used by anybody so far you are over 13years old.

Facebook page is a special page for celebrities, businesses, brands and organization, and it is visible to customers and followers while Facebook account is personal and its content cannot be access by everybody. That’s just the difference between Facebook account and Facebook page


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