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Why Some Schools Remain Stagnant

School business is a generational business if well managed. The baton of the school is passed from one generation to another.

You don’t run a school and lose. It is not possible but how can the baton of the school be passed to the next generation if not well managed? If a school is not growing for years then it is “groaning”. Fact is, a school doesn’t fade out just like that, it fades gradually.

And, once you don’t pay attention to these little unresolved complain of parents the school will remain stagnant.

The fading of a school is like a patient who is being rushed to the hospital, the symptoms of the illness don’t just show up.

It must have been given some signs before the final attack or break down. Same applies to a school. 

Stagnancy of a school doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens gradually.
It means if a school is not growing the first thing to be done is not repainting of the school but rather rebuilding a leadership capacity.

A school leader who owes salary will have issues with good teachers and such a school will be starved with quality teachers.

Look, quality teachers are the life of a school. They are the backbone of a school after the leadership of the school.

A school leader who is too ” money conscious” will lose guard and lose focus.

A school leader who has zero listening ears or human relation skills will starve the school for growth.

A school leader who is unreachable, unteachable or proud will sink the school’s reputation. 

A school owner who sees teachers as nobody or slaves will have a growth problem.

So, if your school is not growing and stagnant for years, I am not talking about a year or two of establishment here, I am talking about years above five then, check your leadership style

If your enrollment is declining every term or session, check your leadership style

If your teachers are resigning without genuine reasons, check your leadership style 
If your teachers are leaving every term. Kindly tell yourself the truth on how you manage people.

I will leave you with the words of coach Enitan Ayoade that “if you are not a leader you will never be able to run a good school.

Develop your capacity for leadership and run a successful school”.
After you must have checked yourself and evaluate yourself.
Then evaluate these four PS: People, Place, Price and Policy.

Learn to manage your emotions, people and keep growing to know new things.
Satya Nadella noted that ” longevity in business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future”


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Temitope Olatunji 🇳🇬
Temitope Olatunji is a teacher of music and academics. He helps to explore the world of wisdom that expands knowledge.

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