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The Mystery Of Sex In Marriage

Sex in marriage is good and it is the best. Just as the football field is the convenient and legal place to play football game; the tennis court and basketball court are the rightful place to play tennis and basketball, respectively; so is marriage the best and legal arena for playing sex.

However, one thing remains true about sex in marriage. It is both physical and spiritual.

Sex, as a Spiritual Activity

Sex, as a spiritual activity, is a vow made between a husband and a wife even without any utterance from either of the spouse.

More than the physical union of the body which sex brings about, there is the spiritual union of the soul and spirit, too. Little wonder, the scripture says: “…he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, saith He, shall be one flesh” through physical sexual intercourse. (1 Corinthians 6:16).

Sex, though a spiritual activity, does not build the spirit; rather, it keeps the spirit on a low key. Though, it was created for the main purpose of procreation and for pleasure, too; yet, it is more beneficial to the body when compared to the benefit it provides to the soul and spirit.

In fact, it is has no spiritual benefit than the bond it creates between a man and a woman. The thought of it (sex) alone deprives an individual of spiritual acceleration, how much more the activity itself.

Nonetheless, the essence of all that you have read above is not to condemn sex. Far from it, dear reader! Rather, it is to make you see sex (through the light of understanding which the good Lord had given to me so as to share with you), as a gift from the Almighty, WHICH MUST not be overthought to the extent of causing a slowdown to the Spirit in you.

As I conclude, sex in marriage is the best, but should be played with measure. In marriage, feel free to ponder upon it; nevertheless, with moderation.

For the real enemy (Satan) does not manipulate an individual’s dislikes, but his likes so as to work against him. Be spiritually sensitive about everything in your marital journey, especially sex.



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Michael Zunnon
Micahel Zunnon  is a certified teacher as well as a relationship and marriage ciounsellor.He is the CEO at Team Precious Marital Counsel, and with his team mate, he had written a book titled: God's Purpose For Marriage