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The Machiavellian Palava

On a popular 21st century social Media handle , a public opinion/ survey was carried out regarding a question ; If You met The Billionaire Femi Otedola today and you are offered three million naira including three course meal for two months or having a two weeks business relationship and cue from him , which one will be preferable?.

The survey evidenced that at least 76.8% of persons picked the former to the latter , hence , foregoing the former which they saw as only a waste of time, perhaps, the Billionaire might not have their time even when he granted them an appointment.

The proverb ”When you sit to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before you. And put a knife to thy throat if you be a man given to appetite” is a direct consonance of the carefully narrated fiction above . Today , In Africa and the world over , we feel too comfortable when we seem to be with the filthy rich , well to do , bourgeoisies and cream of the society.

All we want from them is nothing but to sweep up and take all material gifts they offer us even without sitting out to ask them vital questions and seek their opinions either from experience on a business endeavor or something meaningful .

All we want to do is ; eat constantly at their table , ask and get money from them including carrying their hands and necks everywhere they want to . This piece is not against all of the above .

However, a dispassionate but diligent analysis even according to the Machiavellian Theory suggests that, a major factor why the poor keep getting poorer at geometric intervals is because they constantly feel comfortable living at the mercy of the Rich , failing to cut and control their throat and constantly salivating like a breast feeding child , while they do not want to do anything meaningful with themselves, amounting to what the Machiavellian Theory described as as ‘Renewal of Generational Poverty in Geometric Proportions ‘.

Conclusively , let us be careful when we are with people or individuals we deem fit as Rich and comfortable. ‘All man for him self’ says the Religious scholar Fredrick Hegel. At all cost , let us be careful and watchful of our throat and salivation.

This does not only has to do with food or drink. If you have any opportunity to meet with a well to do person , do not be after what they have as materials to offer, but aim towards what they do and what  they keep rotating that gives them that glorious appellate you call them.

To make it in life is not a child’s play neither is it hard , but just like in the words of Dr. Palmer , a change of Mentality is paramount.



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Alowakennou Kehinde
Kehinde Alowakennou is a graduate of University of Lagos , Nigeria, History and strategic studies (Ba.Ed) , department of Arts and social sciences.He has written various articles and works. Few among my scholarly works include ; The Naira Marely Trend and the Nigerian Youth, The Lagos Apapa Wharf; A Monopoly  Of Rascality , Phobia, Hates and Allergy , Lagos and it’s environs; A Review of the academic efforts of professor L.C Dioka in his Book , ; Lagos and its environs . And more strategically, is the review of one of the Proverbs of Solomon as written in Chapter 23, appellated as ‘The Machiavellian Palava’ .Currently, He is the content curator and freelance for Olajide Samuel (Esq) , Secretary General, CCC Olajuwon Tejuosho Cathedral, Becca Fabrics Ville, and Alapata.NG ( A leading agricultural enterprise that is into sales , supply and dispatch of beef, pork and general livestock services).