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The List Of People Likely To Get Poor In 2022

Year 2021 has been a challenging year for all and the world economy at large. The effect of COVID-19 caused more harm than good, congratulate yourself because you are able to scale through these difficult times.

Now, 2021 is gone, 2022 is here. It is a year for you to recoup what 2021 has taken away from you. You can still make it in year 2022. The choice is yours. I have listed  those that are likely to remain poor in year 2022. If you are among the list, please do the needful.

People Who Believe In Sharp Sharp Money

So many people wants to make sharp sharp money. There is no shortcut to success. You just need to consistent and diligent in whatever you do. If you pass shortcut, you will be cut short.

Those Who Fail To Sacrifice Today For Tomorrow

The success of tomorrow is determine by the amount of effort you put today. Good thing don’t come easy it requires consistency day-in-day-out.

People With Negative Mindset

If you have the mindset that you won’t make it or it won’t be possible in 2022, then you need to change your thinking and you will change yourself. Even if your environment is not too good, your background should not make your back to be on the ground, no matter what. Just as there is sense is every nonsense, there is also positivity in every negativity. Change your mindset.

People Who Wait For The Success Of Others Before They Act

Sometimes you need to fail big to become big, stop waiting for others to be successful before you take a step, if you do, you will be left behind. Remember, opportunity lost cannot be gained again.

Those That Blame Government Always

Government’s failure/success is not a determinant of your success, remember, there is no excuse for your own failure. They are many opportunities around you and many skills to acquire online. Funny enough, you can get free courses on platform like Udemy, Coursera, etc before going for paid ones. You will be blamed if you didn’t make it, because the choice is yours. 

Those Who Depend On Government Or Its Agencies For Jobs

The truth is government cannot create jobs for everyone whether you like it or not. You can create job for yourself after acquiring skills. The outcome of your success will be measured by how you develop yourself, that is “Self-development” not “Government-development”.

People Who Are Afraid To Invest

Yes, it is your hard earned money and you don’t want fall into hands of scammers. The truth is when you don’t want to fail, you fail more. You need to invest in a good business idea. Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of being stagnant.

People Who Are Afraid To Take Business Risk

Virtually everything in life is a risk. Going out is a risk because anything can happen anytime. Research have it that great men in business today are those that have taken the risk. Take that bold step and venture into that business. Risk taking increases your chances of attaining and achieving your future goals.

People Who See Failure As A Big Thing

Failure is part of the recipe for success. Like I said earlier, you need to fail big to become big. Is is not about falling that matters but your ability to stand when you fall. Sometimes you need to fail to become wiser and better.

People Who Network With Small Minds

Small minds are those that discuss events and people. Walk with great minds, people who discuss about ideas and opportunities. Poor network brings poor net worth. Check your network today.

Those Who Put All Their Money In Bank Without Investment

Inasmuch as it is good to save money in the bank, it is much more important to invest some of this money or reinvest some of your earnings. Investment is the first step to building your wealth and overpowering inflation. Banks use your money to invest to create wealth for themselves, you too can also start investing today. Note this, monies in bank don’t increases, they decreases.

People Who Believe The Poor Will Continue Get To Poorer And The Rich Will Continue To Get Richer

You need  to change your mindset if you fall into this category.  You will be be the one at fault if you die poor even if you are born poor because you have the choice to stay rich or remain poor. Your thinking becomes your reality. Change your mindset today.

Those Who Are Not Loyal Nor Honest In Business

People buys from who they trust. You need to be honest to develop a strong connection and create trust. Be honest in ALL your dealings in 2022.


  1. Fear to take risk is a major factor of poverty in Nigeria today .. you are right sir…
    Those who are comfortable with living on paycheck, should also be careful…


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