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The Key To Togetherness In Marriage

Most couples struggle with how to stay connected with each other in marriage. They go to any length to seek for the secret of remaining stuck to one another, but all efforts always prove abortive.

So, I decided to share a secret (key) on how to getting this done, the keys to togetherness in marriage. From one of my findings, I once saw a diagram drawn by a fellow to depict how couples are to draw closely to one another. In the diagram, I saw the husband on one side and the wife on the opposite side. In between the couples was God, the authenticator of marital affairs.

For better understanding of the explanation of the diagram in question, I want you to quickly carry out an experiment. Now, get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper; then, draw an equilateral or isosceles triangle. At the upper part, write God; on one side (lower part) of the triangle write “husband” and on the opposite side (lower part) write “wife”.

Having drawn the diagram, on the piece of paper, now, draw an arrow from the end of the husband towards God and do same for the wife, too. What is the closeness of the couple like?… Are they closer than they were or farther from each other?… I believe your response is that: they are closer and not farther from each other and that is the key to togetherness in marriage

Here is the simple interpretation: The more a couple choose to draw closer to God in their marital journey, the closer they become. Hence, the key to togetherness in marriage is drawing closer to the one who originated it.


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Michael Zunnon
Micahel Zunnon  is a certified teacher as well as a relationship and marriage ciounsellor.He is the CEO at Team Precious Marital Counsel, and with his team mate, he had written a book titled: God's Purpose For Marriage