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Step Guide To Mini Importation In Nigeria

Mini importation is the importing of goods directly from the manufacturers at an affordable rate & shipping to your doorstep in Nigeria. It’s important you know the in & out of importation before going into it.

Before starting mini importation business, you must have knowledge on the following;

1. How to choose a profitable product to import: you don’t just start importing any product just like that, you have to do a proper research before choosing a profit to import, choose a product relating to your niche, knowing your customers will also help you in choosing the right product.

2. You must have a website to buy from: there are different websites you can buy from but sourcing for a reliable & cheap website is very important. Ali-express is not the best website buy to buy if you’re a wholesaler.

Most sellers on Ali-express also get their products from other sites, so as a wholesaler or someone interested in getting products at a cheap price, I advise you do a proper research on the site to buy from.

3. You must have a good & reliable supplier: having a good supplier is peace of mind, be careful when sourcing for suppliers, scammers are everywhere, once you have a reliable supplier, you can process your goods anywhere & anytime.

4. You must know how to place order for your goods & also how to make payment: this is very important in importation business; your supplier won’t release goods to you until payment is confirmed.

5. How to get your goods delivered to Nigeria: what the essence of importing if you don’t know how & when your goods will get to Nigeria.

6. How to market your product: marketing is the last stage of importation, marketing skills is very important, importing goods without advertisement, without marketing is zero. Advertisement to the right channel is key if not you will be the one consuming the goods you imported, which is a very bad idea and it will result to no profit.

Mini importation is a sweet & profitable business, it’s very important you know how to deal directly with the manufacturers yourself & not through middlemen. Buying through middlemen reduces your profit margin and once your product is high, customers won’t buy from you.

Also, one interesting about about mini importation is that you can start without a capital, anyone can venture into importation business as long as you know how to market your goods through the right channel & you can make proper use of the internet.

Starting a mini importation business in Nigeria is very easy once you have the necessary knowledge. To gain more knowledge about mini importation, please feel free to reach out to me by sending a mail to ajib.morenike@gmail.com or you send a message to me on Instagram – www.instagram.com/reniksola


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Morenike Ajibola
Morenike Ajibola is an importation coach, an entrepreneur, and a perfumerShe is the creative director at 2909SCENTS -An online perfume store that ensures your scent do the talking

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