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Mother Africa

Mother Africa, a continent very poor

Any crime you committed to be poor?

Search yourself why you are so poor,

Full of natural resources still poor,

Gold, diamond, oil all available, still poor.

Mother Africa

What went wrong with you that you be poor?

Your inhabitants so insecure and very poor

People killing each other and yet poor

So poor that children can’t access basic resources.

Mother Africa

Famine is your acquaintance

Good fertile land you have yet, your friend is poverty.

Your citizens can’t manage a square healthy food,

Every year good rains, rivers flood

Yet your friend is poverty.

Mother Africa

Governments full of greedy people who overlook poverty

Leadership is inherited and leads to overlooking poverty

Corruption, an everyday thing overlooking poverty

How would inhabitants get out of poverty?

Mother Africa

Who cursed you to be this poor

Ever with some educated fellows you are you still poor

Resources are swindled leading to people being poor

Structures constructed yet conditions very poor

Conditions of all things poor, poor, poor

Mother Africa

Why don’t you change from poverty to prosperity?

Teach your inhabitants to be proactive for prosperity

Teach your inhabitants to be patriotic for prosperity

Teach the educated fellows to be proactive for prosperity

Teach leaders to avoid corruption for prosperity.


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Godwin Banda
Godwin Banda is a teacher majoring in English Language. He studied Education at Malawi Adventist University which is affiliated with University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton in Kenya.

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