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The Key To Finding The Right Helpmeet

Knowing and fulfilling your duty is the key towards finding the right helpmeet. The world, at large, is every man’s garden, but the dressing and keeping of it differs from one man to another.

This dressing and keeping as man’s duty is expected to be sought for, understood and then being executed by man as he had been given before finding an helpmeet or going into marriage.

(Nevertheless, one will have to keep learning to understand his God-given task, even after finding his helpmeet or being in marriage).

It may sound so funny but it is very true that the right helpmeet will not be found:

~ Until a man has known his own way of dressing and keeping the garden, as given by God;

~ Until he tries to understand and simultaneously executes it. Adam, for instance, was already executing his duty when he found Eve whom the Lord God brought to him as an helpmeet (Genesis 2:19-22).

As I conclude, I am charging you to seek, know, try understanding and executing your purpose; so as to find the right helpmeet for you. If not, you had better hold on to yourself than venture into marriage with no knowledge of your purpose and its execution.


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Michael Zunnon
Micahel Zunnon  is a certified teacher as well as a relationship and marriage ciounsellor.He is the CEO at Team Precious Marital Counsel, and with his team mate, he had written a book titled: God's Purpose For Marriage