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Infectious Coryza Treatment In Poultry

Infectious Coryza is a bacterial infection which affects chicken of all ages and breeds. It is characterised by  swollen face, eyes and wattles, weakness and inadequate feed intake, severe weight loss, and can as well kill the chicken if not properly cared for.

In curing  infectious CORYZA, I made use of the following herbs

  • Onions
  • Bitter leaves
  • Ginger
  • Aloe Vera

Grind the materials above and  mix with a little water, then give the water to the affected chicken or birds, as well as the healthy ones as a preventive measure.

The herbal remedy should be used continuously until the affected birds are completely fine.

Note: For adequate and fast relief of the disease, make sure to separate the affected birds and issue adequate sanitation for the birds.

Clean water and food that are rich in nutrients, also add extra aloevera extract into their water to boost immunity.

This will keep the birds in good condition and keep their system ready to fight against other external diseases.
Amoxyl also works for infectious CORYZA (Amoxyl 500mg)


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