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How To Write CV That Gets You The Job

Are you planning to write your CV or know how you can write CV that gets you the job instantly? Are you a victim of the common phrase we will get back to you probably due to CV below standard? Then, you are in the right place.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a written document that contains the education, experience and background of a person to seek for position in an organization.

Some people have been submitting CV to different organization, yet, they are not invited for interview. Click here to know the differences between Resume and CV.

One of the common reasons for this is because your CV is not up to standard. Before any employer employs you or start communicating with you, they will go through your CV for some seconds.

Your CV is part of the thing that will thrill your employer to employ you. If your CV is not convincing enough, the employer won’t waste much of his time talking to you and after a while, the response will be “we will get back to you”. Automatically, you know what that means.

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your gateway to getting employed. Here are tips how to write CV that gets you the job.

1. Correct Packaging

Your CV must is what gets you the job; hence, it must be well package with intriguing colours, fonts and styles. Also, do ensure your full name is body written at the beginning not Curriculum Vitae.
Note: Pls don’t over design, 3 colours are okay and should be applied properly. First color to dominate, second colour
should be secondary while the third color can be for emphasis.

2. Clarity

Your CV must be simple to read, clear and concise with simple layouts. Your employers should be able to scan your CV with 15 to 20 seconds and get vital information needed. Too much information doesn’t guarantee employment.

3. Avoid Unprofessional Emails

So many people lose the job because of this but they never knew. Pls note, any job that involves submitting of CV to apply, try as much as possible to be professional in everything you do even if you already know their workers are paid peanuts. Yours may be different. Click here to check how you can boost your confidence.

Your emails is part of what will show your level of professionalism.
Emails likes sexybisola@gmail.com or Yemi4luv@gmail.com should be avoided by all means. Try as much as possible to ensure your email consist of your first name and last name. For example yemibadmus@gmail.com or yemibadmus91@gmail.com

4. Location

It is likely you get a high paying job in Lagos and you live in Abeokuta. You can look for someone either family or friends you know in that location to stay with and endeavour to apply with their address.

Employer will quickly consider you once your location is closer to the working place.

5. Avoid Statement That Generates Interest

You need to avoid statements that start with the word “Self”. For example “self-starter”, “self-aggrandizing”.

Most companies are looking for behaviour and value of a system that cannot be predicted by the behaviour of its part.

6. Professional Certification

This is another aspect that you need to take seriously. If you are working or in a service, try as much as possible to do one or two professional course and include it in your CV.

When employers sees this, they would believe you have done much in developing and adding value to yourself and they have no choice than to give you the job. Click here to check out the difference between certificate and progress.

7. Switch Off Unnecessary Profile Data

Personal data like date of birth, state of origin, and local government area are not compulsory. Keep the interviewer in doubt, ensure you sell your skills instead.

8. Takeoff Year Off Admission

If you want to know how to write CV that gets you the job, then you need to take this seriously.

Under your educational background and dates, endeavour to take off the year of admission, add only the year you graduated.

This is because some started a 4year course in 2000 and ended you in year 2006 probably due to Strike or pandemic like the recent COVID-19 that ravaged the globe.

Employers may think you had carry-over or even get it twisted. So it’s better you omit admission year.

9. Attach All Your Work Experiences & Job Designation

Ensure you write out all your job experiences and state you have worked. Remember to add your job description in details to make you CV coincise and meaningful.

10. Add Full Details Of Referees

Do ensure to add referees names including their address, emails and phone numbers. Pls note, your referees can be your family member but not with the same last name. Most importantly, let your referees know that their are your referees to avoid long story.

11. Select Your Hobbies Carefully

Did you know that some people do write Video Games as hobby? Huh huh! that’s wrong.

You are applying for a job to earn a living, therefore let everything be professional. Researching, Reading, meeting people, travelling and mentoring can be included as your hobbies.

12. Don’t Forward Your CV

If you are required to send your CV to an email address, don’t forward your CV from your mail inbox or sent items.

Compose a new mail, attach your CV and copy your cover, then send. Pls note, the role you are applying for should be used as Subject if not specified.

13. Save Your CV as PDF

It is advisable to save your CV as PDF if your required to send via email except if stated otherwise. Also, your CV should be saved with your full name. Pls avoid saving it with titles like “Edited CV” , “My CV”, “Curriculum Vitae”, etc.


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