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How To Use Bitter Kola To Fight Infections In Your Body

Bitter Kola is a tree found in tropical rain forest of West and Central Africa. It is also known as Garcina Kola.

The incredible part of this species is that the stems, seeds and leaves are medicinal. The seed is chewed by people of the Africa region.

Bitter Kola has lots of health benefits and can cure several illnesses. To fight body infections, 10 benefits of bitter kola are highlighted below;

1.Promote Ejaculation & Testicular Weight

Bitter Kola helps to increase sperm count, erection, erection and testicular weight.

If you are a man that releases within a minute on bed or if you have low sperm count, eat two pieces of bitter kola in a day. It helps to improve your duration on bed and curing other sexual problems.

Note: Avoid eating too much of bitter kola in a day as it may cause negative effects to your sexual health, chewing small quantity can perform wonders. It is necessary to stop eating bitter kola after achieving results.

2. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a gradual loss of sight due to much pressure mounted within the eyeballs which may lead to permanent blindness if care is not taken.

According to research, Bitter Kola should be eaten twice in a day to reduce and ease this pressure.

3. Eradication Of Snakes
Snakes are commonly found in bushy or rural areas and this may cause serious concern while creeping around.

To eradicate snakes from your premises spread the bitter kola in the area snake passes often or around your premises every 3:3 days and snakes will surely keep their distance.

4. Immune Booster
Bitter Kola increases the immunity level of the system which helps to fight infections in the body.

This is due to the high amount of antioxidants found in Bitter Kola.

5. Diabetes
Bitter Kola regulates sugar levels in the body, improves antioxidant system and complications of diabetes mellitus. 

6. Makes Snake Poison Inactive
Bitter Kola makes Snakes and Scorpion bite inactive.

If you got bite by snake, eat five to ten seed of bitter kola and you will urinate the snake poison out of your body.

7. Fever
Traditional and herbal healers do recommend bitter kola to their patients to treat some ailments, fever is not excluded.

The stems, seeds and bark of bitter kola are used to treat throat and fever infections.

8. Cough and Sore Throat
To cure cough, blend 10 bitter kola, scoop in a container, add it inside half bottle of honey and stir, leave it for an hour to ferment; then drink 3 times daily until the cough disappears.

Avoid cold drinks or water during this treatment.

For sure throat, chew bitter kola from time to time till the dry throat got soften.

9. Malaria
Bitter Kola has anti malaria properties that can help cure malaria if 2 or 3 seeds are chewed daily.

10. Food Poison
Bitter prevents food poisoning, hence, it is anti–poisonous in nature.
After eating contaminated or poisonous food, eat the bark and seed of bitter kola immediately. The bark and seed helps to detoxify the body system.


    • Not available at the moment, more research going on.

      I suggest you chew like 2 bitter kola in a day as it is beneficial to the body generally.


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