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How To Solve Marital Challenge Of Cheating Partners

Often times, I have heard of spouses make complaints about their partners. Sometimes, it is the cases of wives cheating on their partners while other cases are otherwise (that is, husbands cheating on their wives). Click here to see 10 reasons why men cheat

However, there are suggested godly basic principles to follow. These are:

1. Tell It To God (1Peter 5:7)

Rather than yell at your spouse, the first thing you should do whenever you notice your spouse cheating on you is to tell it to God in prayer. Praying to God first indicates your act of humility and surrendering to God who authenticate your union. He will definitely guide you.

2. Discuss With Him or Her Politely (Isaiah 1:18)

Having a discussion with your partner (after praying to God) should follow. By then, you would have been filled with the right words to speak. One of the things, you should make him/her know concerning his/her act is how bad it can affect your relationship/marriage (home). Mind you, you should do this politely.

3. Praying For Your Spouse (1Thessalonians 5:17)

Praying should not be done only before discussing with your partner; rather, it should be done without ceasing (regularly) after your discussion, too. Note, the regular prayer should be done both secretly (in your partner’s absence) and openly.

4. Seek Your Partner’s Interest (2Corinthians. 13:5)

Having discussed with your partner and have formed the habit of praying without ceasing, you should always ask him/her what he/she wants to see you do or wear to make him/her desire you alone.

5. Stay Connected (1Corinthians 7:5)

In addition to the above, you should not be distant from your spouse. Learn to create a good proximity (closeness) with your partner. Endeavour to reach out to him/her often; through voice calls or messages.

Also, studying God’s word together will go a long way to bring about your spiritual binding (connection).The above suggested ways of solving cheating challenge in relationships or marriages are not just theories. They have been tested and are trusted too.


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Michael Zunnon
Micahel Zunnon  is a certified teacher as well as a relationship and marriage ciounsellor.He is the CEO at Team Precious Marital Counsel, and with his team mate, he had written a book titled: God's Purpose For Marriage