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How To Save Your Children From Pedophiles

We live in a world where children exploitation is increasing day by day and people who exploit these children are not strangers neither do they look like stereotypes; they might be doctors, actors, police, teachers, pastors, politicians, lawyers, police officers, artisans and even family members.

Inasmuch as you teach your children about personal hygiene and good moral behaviors, you also need to do and teach them the following to keep them safe from pedophiles.

1. Take Part In Your Children’s Life

Pedophiles look for children that are always staying on their own or whose parent pays less attention to them. When you take part in your children’s life, you definitely cut off the relationship that may exist within your children and pedophiles.

2. Teach Your Children (Including Yourself) To Listen To Their Intuition

Intuition is immediate cognition without the use of conscious rational processes, it is a natural defense system that defend one from harms. Don’t force your children to do things if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe with it. Always put safety first.

3. Know What’s Happening In Your Children’s Life

You must know things that happens around your kids, that is to say, who they come in contact with including the friends they visit every day. You may not know the exact things your kids does behind but ensure you know the person or places they spend most  of their time.

4. Teach Your Children To Know Names Of Their Anatomical Parts

Pedophiles uses slangs or attractive names for the “Sexual Parts” of the body. Teach your children to know sexual parts of the body, once they know this, they will be able to run from sexual attacks.

5. Post Pictures Of Your Children On Social Media Infrequently

When you share cute and attractive photos of your children on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status or other social media often, pedophiles sees this as a free gift because that’s what they are looking for.

6. Teach Your Children About Private Parts

Teach your children that some parts of the body are private not for anyone to see or touch. Let them know that is is only Mummy & Daddy that can see them naked and they should not listen to anyone that tells them to touch somebody else private parts.

7. Tell Your Children Not To Keep Body Secrets

Most pedophiles tries to tell the child to keep sexual abuse a secret. They do this after touching or playing with some parts of the child body. Tell your kids not to keep body secrets and they should not listen to anyone that tries to make them keep these secrets.

8. Tell Your Children To Sit Properly

This is common among female children while they sit. Teach your female children a good sitting posture if they usually put on skirts or gowns. 

9. Tell Your Child Not To Allow Anyone Take Pictures Of Their Anatomy/Sexual Parts

Some pedophiles do take children’s naked photos to trade online, tell your kids not to allow anyone take pictures of their nakedness or private parts.

With the point highlighted above, you can save your children from pedophiles. Do you think I omitted any point, Kindly drop them in comments section.

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