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How To Run Facebook Ads Successfully

They are divers way to run ads online but Facebook ads is one of the best way to run ads successfully to generate more revenue, increase your engagement and interaction with your customer/audience.

Probably you have just open an office, or a shop/store where you sell varieties of products or offer professional services, Facebook ads is one of the first way to generate revenue without spending much.

Why You Need To Run Your Ads On Facebook

You may be wondering, why you need to run your ads on Facebook. The reason is not farfetched, you are in the right direction.

Firstly, i want you to know that Facebook has over 2.9 billion users/visitors every month. With that, you can target the right people based on location, gender, age, interest, behaviours, etc and run your facebook ad successfully.

In fact, the major reason why you should run your ads on Facebook is that, most of your customers are likely to be on Facebook because it the most popular social media platform in the world with highest number of users.

Also, Facebook ads helps to increase and drive more post engagement and interactions, create more site traffic, generates leads, etc Also the cost of running Facebook ads is affordable. The cost of running your ads on Facebook is determined by your budget, the type of ads, industry, location, etc

Interestingly, your ads can be in form of photos, carousel, images, messenger, slideshow, text, collection and playables.

Requirements To Run Facebook Ads Successfully

To run ads on Facebook successfully, you must have the following

  • Android phone, iPhone or PC to get Started with an email account (Gmail preferably).
  • Facebook account. You must have a Facebook account before you can run ads or you create one on Facebook. Pls note, you can’t use Facebook account to run ads but you need to have one to run ads with your Facebook page. Checkout the difference between facebook account and Facebook page.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Funds. You must have funds in your account to run ads, ensure you have Visa or MasterCard ATM to link.
  • Images or videos for ads. The recommended image size is maximum of 30mb, maximum width 600pixel, maximum height 600pixel; while video is of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

How To Run Ad Successfully On Facebook

Step 1: Create A Facebook Page Under Your Facebook Account

How to create a Facebook page

If you don’t have a facebook page, then you need to create one. Facebook pages are for businesses, artist, public figures, NGOs and other organizations to connect to customers, fans and the public for updates, feeds and information. It is also use to run ads for product and services.

To create a Facebook page, open your Facebook app, go to your Facebook profile, click on page icon and click on “Create New Page”. Name your page, click on next, add categories, business address, cover photo, address, phone number and other information about your page.

Step 2: Create Account With Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager is a dashboard that enables you to set up your ads easily, view your ads performances and overview your campaigns.

To set-up your ads manager, follow these steps below;

  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/business/tools/ads-manager
  • Click on “Go to Ads Manager” button.
  • Confirm your information to set-up page on the ad account.
  • Set-up method of payment.
  • Click on “Save changes” to save.

You can also download the Facebook Ads Manager on Playstore if you are using android or Apple store if you are using iPhones on your phone.

Step 3: Create Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Messenger

You can now create ads on Facebook at this stage. Log in to your Facebook ads manager and click on “Create” button in green rectangular shape. You will see the page you created.

Step 4: Chose The Objectives Of Your Ad

Facebook Ads objectives

Every ads you chose to run on Facebook has its own purpose. You can choose from the option list of ads objectives which includes;

  • Post engagement
  • Videos views
  • Website traffic
  • Reach
  • Messages
  • Pages likes

Once you have selected your preferable marketing objectives, Facebook will display your ad option in the best way possible so as to achieve what your desired objectives.

Step 5: Select Image Format & Other Placement

Ads placement

Once you click on the marketing objectives for your ad, it will direct you to select images, videos, or carousel for your ad and other placement options such as other information in form of text. This will depend on the marketing objective selected.

Pls note, your images, videos and text content in your ads must not contains the following;

i. Your ad must not promote illegal and dangerous product, services and contents.

ii. Your ad must not be discriminatory nor encourage discrimination among races, group or tribes.

iii. Your ads must not promote weight loss product or unsafe product, services weapons, ammunition, nor focus on sexual pleasure.

iv. Your ads must not violate copyright or trademark policy.

v. Your ads must not be misinforming nor contain controversial social or political issues.

vi. Your ads must not direct people to functionless landing page and your landing page must not contain cheating practices, multilevel marketing, gambling or ponzi schemes.

vii. Ads must not contain insulting words, bad grammars and bad punctuation marks.

viii. Yours ad must not contain malware, spyware and other kinds of virus.

ix. Your ad must not promote sales of body part and alcohol.

x. To run Facebook ads successfully, ensure you comply by other Facebook policies and community standard to prevent your page from being blocked.

Step 6: Choose Targeted Audience

Audience settings for Facebook ads

The next step is to choose audience you want to show your ads. Facebook has varieties of options for you to choose and set-up in such a way that your ads will reach the audience you targeted. The option to set up are;

  • Country
  • Region
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Behaviour
  • Etc

With the options above, you can target who you wish to see your ads. Pls note when choosing your location for your ads, choose specific region to reduce cost. Pls note, your ad is not for everybody but for specific people that will be interested in what you offer, therefore, chose wisely.

Once you find audience that responds well to your ad, Facebook automatically save such audience to be used again while running another ad.

Step 7: Set-up Your Budget

After choosing your targeted audience, then you need choose your budget. Facebook allows you to set-up your budget with two options which are Daily budget and Lifetime budget.

Daily Budget: If your want your ads to run throughout a day, then go for this option. Your ads will set to daily spending and you will be charged for a day.

Lifetime Budget: If you want to run your ad for a long period of time, then chose this options. Your spending will be spread over the time period you set your ads to run.

Under these options above, you can schedule when you want your ads to start either immediately or continuously including the end time.

Step 8: Choose The Placement Of Your Ad

Ad placement will show how your ad will appear to your targeted audience and this will depend on the marketing objective selected from the beginning.

It is recommended by Facebook to use automatic placement to enable Facebook optimize placement so that you can get the best possible result.

Alternatively, you can also choose where to place your ads either on feeds, stories and reels, In-stream, reel overlays, In-articles, search and messenger.

At this stage, it’s time to create your Facebook ad. Note, facebook usually have 2 options here which are;

  1. To use an existing post
  2. To create a new ads

To use an existing post

You can use an existing post on your Facebook page to create an ad. All you have to do is to pick your post you want to use from the ad.

If you would like to create a new ad, then you will ask to select a format either single image or video, carousel or collection from the beginning.

Facebook has more than 5 format but only one or two will be recommend to you based on the marketing objective selected. Once you are done move to the last step.

Pls note the following specification before you create your ad

Specification for Facebook Photo Ad

Facebook photo ad format is a single image that can be used in different ad type and placement. Your Facebook ad photo must the following features:

i The photo type must be one with JPG or PNG file.
Ii Ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1
iii. Resolution is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels
iv. File size is 30MB (maximum)
v. Photo file Width must be maximum of 600 pixels
vi. Photo file height height is maximum 600 v. pixels
vi. The primary text must be125 characters
vii. Headline and characters are 40 and 30 characters respectively.

Specification for Facebook Video

Video ad format is a single video use to promote goods and servuces. Your video ad on Facebook must have the following features and sizes;

i. The video file must be MP4, MOV, or GIF
ii. Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels at least
iii. Ration: Ratio: 1:1 desktop or mobile) or 4:5 (for mobile only)
iv. Video Duration: 1 second to 240 minutes
v. The maximum file size for video must be less than 4GB
v. The minimum Width for video ads is 120 pixels
vi. The Minimum height for video ad is 120 pixels
vii. The primary text and headline characters must be 125 and 40 characters respectively.

Specification for Carousel Ad on Facebook

The carousel Facebook Ad format is for promoting multiple product or services.

i. The carousel video or photo file must be MP4, MOV, or GIF
ii. Ratio: 1:1
iii. Number of carousel: 2 to 10
iv. Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels at least
v. Carousel Duration: 1 second to 240 minutes
vi. The maximum file size for carousel must be less than 4GB
vii. The minimum Width for carousel ads is 120 pixels
viii. The Minimum height for carousel ad is 120 pixels
vii. The primary text and headline characters must be 40 and 20 characters respectively.

Specification for Collection Ad on Facebook

Collection ad format option allow Facebook user to shop for product. i. The collection file must be MP4, MOV, or GIF
ii. Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels at least
iii. Ration: 1:1
iv. Collection Duration: 1 second to 240 minutes
v. The maximum file size for collection must be less than 4GB
v. The minimum Width for collection ads is 120 pixels
vi. The Minimum height for collection ad is 120 pixels
vii. The primary text and headline characters must be 125 and 40 characters respectively.

Step 9: Place your order

Once you are done click on the “place your your order” button at the centre or click on “publish” at the bottom right corner of the page if you are on Android.

Once your ad is submitted, hold on for some minutes for Facebook to approve it. Once your ad is approved, then you ad is live successfully.

With this, you can now run Facebook ads successfully for your business and brands. To monitor yours ads, use the Facebook Ads manager.

Is there anything am missing and do you have any question on how to run Facebook ads successfully. Drop your comment/questions in the comment section. Thank you.


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