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How To Create A Free Blog And Make Money Through It

So many people are looking for divers ways to make money online legitimately, one of the easiest way to make money online is to create a blog for free and make money through it.

You may be wondering how is this possible. Yes, it is possible, it is the power of information that sets you free from poverty. You may need to check out most important sites on the internet.

Quicky, if you are among those that wants to make money online and boost influence, then this is for you.

They are many ways to create a free blog, in this guide, i highly recommend Blogger.com, a blogging platform that is easy to quickly create a blog and make money from it.

Blogger.com is a blogging platform developed by Pyra Labs and it was acquired by Google in 2003.

It enables you to create a free blog easily and your blog will be accessed easily through a subdomain of blogspot.com or your own domain name directly to Goggle’s servers.

The interesting thing about Blogger.com is that your website is secured and hosted by Google, so you don’t need set-up or buy hosting from hosting companies. With these, you site is 100 percent safe and secured; and you can also create many blog as much as you want.

With this three step below, you can create your own blog easily.

Step 1: Sign Up For Blogger.com

First thing you need to do is sign up by visiting blogger.com or download the app. You need to used your Gmail account to sign up, if you don’t have it, create one.

After logging in, you will see the “New Blog” button, click on it to create your new blog.

Step 2: Enter The Name Of Your Blog

Signing up on blogger.com

Enter a name for your blog in the title box, if your blog name is taken, try to come up with a unique name that will easy to remember and select template from the options provide within the same box and start customizing.

Step 3: Add A New Post

How to add post and pages on blogger.com

On the left side of your blog, click a button “Create New Post” add a new post to your blog. Enter the post title and content of the writing.

Once you have post your blog contents, you can customize your blog from the left hand side to change layouts, create pages and change templates.

Customization dashboard on blogger.com

With that, your blog is ready and you are good to go. But that’s not the end, you need to start adding contents that are SEO friendly and will bring traffic to your blog.

To develop SEO friendly content, the following tips will be needful;

  • Your Post titles should not be more than 70 characters, else, it won’t show up on search engines results.
  • Do not use heavy elements on your blog, it will make your blog not to load faster and slow down speed.
  • Make sure you build internal link. Internal link are other website that are embedded in your own post. Internal link building enhance more search crawling and increase your visibility on search engines.
  • Avoid keyword repetition. Don’t use keywords you have used on another blog post. This act is called Keyword stuffing and your blog may be subject to penalty for doing so.
  • Don’t publish copied contents on your blog. Google has algorithms that will catch you red-handed if you post duplicate contents and you will be penalized seriously. In fact, you may lose your blog because of this if care is not taken. Pls becareful.

Once you start creating quality contents, you need to apply for AdSense to make money online.

AdSense is an advertising program by Google whereby Google advertise third party product or services generated from Goggle AdWords on your site and you get paid. It is the best way of monetizing your blog to generate money.

Before you apply for Goggle AdSense, make sure you do the following

  • Read Goggle’s AdSense Policies and guidelines.
  • Make sure you have added thirty(30) to fifty(50) blog post to increase your chances of getting approved.
  • Make sure there is no broken links on your site
  • Make sure you have reasonable number of visitors to your blog to increase the chance of getting approved.
  • Connect with friends and co-blogger that have AdSense approvals for advice and information to increase your chances of being approved.

You can click here to read how to setup your AdSense account and get approved immediately.

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