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First Time Mom; Gravida 1 Para 0

For some reason, we are always excited at the news of a pregnancy been positive. Why shouldn’t we be happy, after all we are expecting a baby.

It’s enough reason to be super excited. A first time mom to be has so many questions before the baby fully develops, guess what, not all questions can be answered. Questions like:

  • How?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • Who?
  • Why?

Are usually the questions running through their minds in lots of varieties. The first answer for every mom to be is to remove all forms of Fear and enjoy the ride.

The 9 months is splitted in 3 trimesters, each with its own specialties. While the 1st trimester can be daunting for some, for others it can be a bit weakening etc.

But one thing that’s sure can’t be erased is The Morning sickness which can occur at any time of the day.

The best answer to the 1st trimester is your gynaecologist, your usage of the normal routine drugs, less stress and a picture of who you’ll hold at the end of the journey.

The 2nd trimester gives a clue to the gender we would be expecting and this sure gives a brighter picture. The 2nd trimester might have some women putting on extra weight, while some will maintain their weight, the 2nd trimester will have you eating healthy.

The 3rd trimester creates a form of anxiousness and makes you uneasy with countdowns. This phase of pregnancy will have a woman do different things, like speak with the baby, create a playlist, marvel at each baby kicks, worry etc.

For a first time mom, All you have to do is:

  1. Be a Praying woman
  2. Worry less
  3. Don’t miss out on your antenatal routines
  4. Use your routine drugs
  5. Have your gynae’s number on speed dial incase of an emergency
  6. Eat the right kinds of food
  7. Live your life as it comes
  8. People will tell you their experiences, learn from them.
  9. Don’t worry about you gaining weight
  10. Let it happen naturally
  11. Keep Fit
  12. Your hobbies are important, utilise them in this period
  13. Stay Happy and Enjoy the Journey

It’s a whole 9 months, Enjoy every bit of it and keep track of the beautiful moments.


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