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Feedback And Follow Up In Business

Feedback is a helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve on a performance, product, etc.

While Follow up is to maintain contact with (a person) so as to monitor the effects of earlier activities or treatments

It is very important as a business man or woman to always follow up their customers so as for them to be able to keep them as a customer, you know we are in a competitive world of business, every consumer is every business man or woman’s customer which simply means your customer today can be another person’s customer that sells same product with you tomorrow.

In order for you to keep your customers loyal to you , you need to do a follow up most especially when the customer is new.

Get your customer’s contact and make sure you call them once in a while and by so doing, it creates a niche in their heart that they have seller who always keep in touch with them and for that singular reason, they’d always want to patronize you.

If possible, send messages to your customers every new week or month with your business name beneath because not all customers will save your contact in their phones.

This follow up is just like after winning a soul for Christ, you will always check on them so that they won’t go back to their former way of life and this will always keep them in check. Same techniques should be applied to customers.

According to the definition above, feedback can be criticism or praises but as an entrepreneur or business person embrace the criticism more as this will help you improve your product or build your business excellently.

While doing the follow-up, always ask for the opinion of your customers about your goods or services, make sure they are being sincere to you with their answers as this will help you give them what they want.

Customers are always right they say which means they are the driving force of your business.

Follow up and feedback are like twins, you can’t leave one for the other, you can’t follow-up with a customer and don’t get feedback from them, you will definitely do.

The best role to play is for you as an entrepreneur to give listening ears to your customers, try as much as possible to tailor your business to suit them and booooooom you’d see your business striving more than you expected. 

With follow up and feedback, your customers will increase as your customers will be the ones to advertise your product or service to others.

Note: You shouldn’t do everything your customers give as feedback at once, you do them one after the other so as not to run short of ideas on how to improve your product or business. Feedback and follow up in business is key getting to the next level in business.


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