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Don’t Let 2021 Accident Ruin Your 2022

I believe everyone is planning or has planned to have a fantastic 2022.
But here is the fact that no matter how serious, hard working and prayerful one is, this new year (2022) can be ruined even before the 12th month.

There are many ways your  2022 can be ruined or pass you by without being productive but I will be writing you just three out of the many ways that can ruin our year. 

Below are the three uncommon reasons why the new year (2022) can be ruined:

1. Procrastination

We all familiar with this but some of us don’t know it slow poison to our dreams. Procrastination is so sweet that you won’t notice it draining down your productivity on a task you ought to do once and for all.

Yvette Mayemelle Kaba said “Fantastic ideas are lost daily when we do not put up a plan of action, set a time frame or prioritize our activities.”

Avoid procrastination by all means because once you procrastinate, you will definitely lose  the urge to perform excellent work ahead of you and before you know it 2022 is gone.

2. Greediness

You may be wondering how greediness can ruin your year. But here is the truth, as Agbor Jenet has rightly said “Making Others, to cry because you want a good life is like buying the land to dig your own pit.”

So being greedy can lead you to callousness, arrogance and even gives you a unrest time to focus on your own goals for the year.

You have to stay away from greediness character if you truly want to have a better and productive year.

3. Overconfidence

Challa S.S.J. Ram Phani said, “Overconfidence is one of the weak personality traits which will not allow you to scale the heights of success.” 

Too much of confidence leads man to his own death bed. No matter how much confidence you have in either yourself, your partner, your goals, your wealth, your wisdom or any other things.

You just have to be very careful because disappointment is real and can lead to mental health problems. 
I wish you success as you journey through this new year. 



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Boluwatife Odeyale
Boluwatife Odeyale is an Author, a writer, and a teacher who specializes in self development.He has help both young and adult on building their future careers. He is currently in Crescent University Studying Mass Communication, he is the CEO of B2 Concept- a writing service and Ushering Agency.