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Differences Between Marital Consultation And Marital Counselling

Before stating the clear differences between the “twin words”- marital consultation and marital counselling, we should bear in mind the meaning of both, first; then, differences later.

I call them “twin words” because both processes involve an individual going to meet with a personnel who is assumed to be sound in a particular area of Inquisition.

What is marital consultation? Marital consultation is simply the process of getting a preview of who an individual is to marry, as far as God is concerned.

What is a marital counselling? Marital counselling is the process of seeking for the opinion and advice of a professional, whose job is to physically and psychologically pick out the similarities and differences between opposite sex, then give suggestions (opinions or advice) on how they can make things work together as they walk into marriage and while in marriage.

Differences between consultation and counselling

1. Consultation remains spiritual while counselling is physical and psychological.

2. Consultation can be done (directly) by oneself, but for counselling, you need someone (a professional) to counsel you.

3. Consultation is done to get a preview (features) of your rightful spouse, while counselling is done to know the similarities and differences between two intended spouses as well as to make suggestions on h0ow they work things out in marriage.

4. Consultations alone can determine your joining while counselling alone cannot.



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Michael Zunnon
Micahel Zunnon  is a certified teacher as well as a relationship and marriage ciounsellor.He is the CEO at Team Precious Marital Counsel, and with his team mate, he had written a book titled: God's Purpose For Marriage

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