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Depression And Search For Personal Peace

What depression serves to me or another person is what I am trying to get! A constant pain that has turned to a daily routine is what actually my concern is!!

Why life keeps showing the picture of an unhealed wound is what i am still carving to finally know.

I’ve been to school and I have got good grades, I have accomplished dreams, I have prayed & prayed but you know what? I am still that PREY.

Even life has showed me it doesn’t have a worth, no assurance of love and no evidence of healing.

Am walking on earth like a living ghost, everybody sees as perfect being unknowing to them and not even close to been an upright & complete human.

Not even my closet friend can tell that behind my smile lies an awful cry. 
My soul is full of weary thorns and my heart is on a locked down mission that if you see, you will cease to breath. 

The PUS in my heart has stopped its PULSE! I wish to LIVE but the world wants me to LEAVE!!

You know the PAST is worse but the PRESENT is worst!!!

Am DEPRESSED while you are only DISTORTED!!!! That why we have RESTORE & not REPRESS!!!!!

I have tried, tried & tried…But I keep asking myself the same questions over and over again….“Why can’t I let go?” “Why do I have to daydream about it always?”

People say you will never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart but what happens in an instant when your heart is locked and am used to fighting my inner critic.

Peace is the number one beautiful ornament you can wear, I really believe in that but I pray it works for me. My body is tensing up and is getting fed up but am trying to reason that’s its better I “LET IT COME”, “LET IT BE”, and “LET IT GO”.

I have been strong enough this late.

I can go no further, I’ve reached my limits.I look back to the world and say GOODBYE!!!



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Temitope Bukunmi 🇳🇬
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