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Depression And Contentment: The Psychological Approach

It is obvious from all foregoings that , a major factor why depression is now a common trend , tarnishing images , destroying the life of well to do , promising of young adults is due to their utmost desire to achieve the best, be the best and be better among the best .

This piece is not against all of the above. However , a dispassionate but honest analysis, even as evidenced By social media and every other platforms of technology, has shown that , almost everyone who died ,are dying and , still going to die of depression, are those who find and desire human validations on all sides .

Infact , social media has made it so hard , such that , you find youth in their prime , trying to impress the streets, finding ridiculous, useless human empathy and validations as a yardstick to the measurement of a successful life .

Again, the family , which should be the first and only hope of resort and hope is not helping matters. Another evidence even according to Social analysts, shows that , a lot of families today frustrate the lives of their young ones , forcing them to do what their mates are doing .

As I type this, there at least 80% of families who do not know or understand the source of revenue and income of their kids .

Even those that know , do not care as long as it is fetching out economic prosperity , for all they care . That is why , today , and in the world over , it is quite hard and difficult to find young adults especially in the ages of 20-27 making an honest living .

This piece, as said earlier, is not against anyone or any class or social human strata, but a honest, objective and open minded opinion, as most of us will agree .

To be sure , it will be very kind of everyone in the society to look in ward , Find lasting solutions to these menace and by extension , reduce crime rate and depression among young adults. Until that is achieved, it will be extremely difficult to guarantee a sane , tranquile, moral and logical social system and society .


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Alowakennou Kehinde
Kehinde Alowakennou is a graduate of University of Lagos , Nigeria, History and strategic studies (Ba.Ed) , department of Arts and social sciences.He has written various articles and works. Few among my scholarly works include ; The Naira Marely Trend and the Nigerian Youth, The Lagos Apapa Wharf; A Monopoly  Of Rascality , Phobia, Hates and Allergy , Lagos and it’s environs; A Review of the academic efforts of professor L.C Dioka in his Book , ; Lagos and its environs . And more strategically, is the review of one of the Proverbs of Solomon as written in Chapter 23, appellated as ‘The Machiavellian Palava’ .Currently, He is the content curator and freelance for Olajide Samuel (Esq) , Secretary General, CCC Olajuwon Tejuosho Cathedral, Becca Fabrics Ville, and Alapata.NG ( A leading agricultural enterprise that is into sales , supply and dispatch of beef, pork and general livestock services).

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