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Computer Overview

Computer is an electronic device that collects and process information or data. It is a programmed machine which represents decimal numbers via a string of binary digit, hence, computer cannot do anything without a program.

It can store, retrieve and process data. Also, you can use it type documents, send mails, play games, create spreadsheet, presentations, videos and lots more.

In today’s world, computers had become a necessity for everyone to know because every institutions, government agencies and other separate entities needs it to make their job easier and faster.

Computers are programmed to carry out this 4 functions

  1. To Collect data as Input
  2. To Process data as useful and needful information
  3. Generate output of data
  4. Store data and use then as required

Benefit Of Using Computer

1. Speed

Computer is very fast and it process data within milliseconds, nanoseconds, microsecond, even picosecond.

Also, it can perform millions of calculation in a twinkle of an eye.

2. Accuracy

Computers are very accurate and free from errors.

Once the input is correct, the output will be 100% error free.

3. Storage:

Computers can store huge amount of data including images, text, videos, audio, and all forms of files. It has larger storage than humans.

4. Reliable

The speed, high storage and accuracy of computers make it more reliable.

5. Reduction Of Paperwork

The usage of computer reduces documentation and paperwork as data can be processed, retrieved, stored and easily assessed on computers.

Disadvantage of Computer In Today’s World

1. Dependency

Computers can work by itself, it needs to be operate by humans, hence, it is dependent on humans.

2. No Feelings

Computers have no feeling, experience of knowledge of humans.

3. No Intelligence

Computers has no IQ and it cannot take decision except it is controlled.

4. Unemployment

Most companies and institutions employs computer instead of humans to make their work faster which tends to reduce employment rate.

5. Waste Increase and Environmental Hazards

Computers and other gadgets are replaced frequently, while older device are thrown away. These waste can cause environment Hazards if disposed improperly.



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