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The Machiavellian Palava

On a popular 21st century social Media handle , a public opinion/ survey was carried out regarding a question ; If You met The Billionaire Femi Otedola today and you are offered three million naira including three course meal for…

Don’t Let 2020 Accident Ruin Your 2021

I believe everyone is planning or has planned to have a fantastic 2021.But here is the fact that no matter how serious, hard working and prayerful one is, this new year (2021) can be ruined even before the 12th month….

The List Of People Likely To Get Poor In 2021

Year 2020 has been a challenging year for all and the world economy at large. The effect of COVID-19 caused more harm than good, congratulate yourself because you are able to scale through these difficult times. Now, 2020 is gone,…

16 Success Rules Of Dr Ubong King

These  Success Rules are very relevant even in this Covid-19 Season and Crisis. There is need to adapt and evolve to changes that came about as a result of this disruption to the World Economy across the world affecting people…

Books Are Secrets Of Success

There is an adages that says readers are leaders. Yes, and they will forever be because, knowledge is also said to be power. Why books are secret of success is that it consist of value that is useful for men…

3 Great Lessons From Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a successful scientists. He invented electric light bulb, phonograph and the motion camera. His inventions had impacted the world. I will talk about some lessons from him. 1. Never Give Up Sometimes it seems like it’s going…

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