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Biodiversity Conservation And National Development

Over the last century, humans have come to dominate the planet, causing rapid ecosystem change and massive loss of growth across the planet. Biodiversity is important in so many aspects of life. We value it for so many reasons, some intrinsic and some specific.

This literally means we must value biodiversity both for what it provides to humans and the nation at whole.

Biodiversity is the variability that enhances productivity in the ecosystem, no matter how small, all giving its various importance.

Let sight example in the agricultural sector, a large number of cotton species means there is a high production of cotton materials that can be extracted and processed.

Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms. In our nation biodiversity will surely be standing as a measure of variation of different genetic and species factor. The development of our nation has more relationship with the ecosystem diversity.

The way we humans relate our environment, what the government can generate income from the environmental diversity and give to the citizens as employment opportunities, tourist centers, wildlife research etc.

The nation can develop more when government look at more opportunities that can be gotten through ecosystem diversity and stop the hazardous effects of humans on the environment. 

Biodiversity conservation will certainly play an integral role in supporting many sectors of the economy like agriculture, health, manufacturing etc. to enable its development & growth.

It is a practice that needs to be sustained and maintained by the government for protecting & preserving the wealth and species, habitats, ecosystem and the genetic diversity in the economy because it is important for our health, wealth, food, fuel & services we depend on.

There are many benefits it will bring to the nation in developing like; Protecting and management of biodiversity help in deriving sustainable benefits for present and future generations of the nation.

Food security depends upon natural resources that form the basis of food production.

Biodiversity conservation will usually helped the citizens in protecting their plants, animals, microbial and genetic resources for food production, agriculture & and ecosystem functions such as fertilizing the soil, recycling nutrients, regulating pest & diseases, controlling erosion and pollinating crops and trees.

At the same time, unsustainable agricultural production and use of wild species for food or fuel can reduce biodiversity. This conservation is really vital for the development of our economy because it serves for economic growth and poverty reduction.

Majority of the world’s poor people live in the rural areas and depends upon forests, water wetlands, fields and pastures for their livelihood.

Some 1.6 billion people in the world rely on forests and non-timber products for income and subsistence, 2.6 billion people depend on fisheries for proteins.

The effect of the conservation will surely provide recreational, cultural and spiritual nourishment that maintain our personal and social wellbeing as citizens.

It will lead the citizens most especially students to have a wildlife research, having tourist side attraction for foreigners to come into the nation. The use of herbs to help in our health services.

The biodiversity conservation efforts of the last decade have made a significant difference in the state of nations today, over 100,000 protected areas including national parks and wildlife reserves managed both by state government and local communities, it helps to check-in.

When protecting habitat is not enough, the ecosystem becomes dangerous to citizens health and well-being.

The plain truth is that there are many direct threats of this conservation to the nation as whole like pollution, loss & degradation of habitat, climatic change, unsustainable use of natural resources, invasive species etc.

The underlying causes of biodiversity loss such as growing human population and overconsumption as a result of more lands that are meant for farming and water resources will be used for building projects and this will later cause bad effects on the citizens and reduce development.

Finally, the good news is that the development of our nation can be gotten through biodiversity can be understand through our relationship to each other, citizens, government that will all have different vital roles to play as to change our actions to help the survival of species and the health and integrity of ecological systems in order to enhance our national development in our nation and the world.


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