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Becoming A Business Owner

Many people has misused and even still misusing the word CEO [Chief Executive Officer] in business. I even doubt if half of these people using the name knows the meaning and its functions.

Entrepreneur, business person, and CEO are words that are somehow interwoven but here is a bitter truth and a raw fact: CEO is not meant for everyone. All because you sell clothes, hairs or own a shop [not office] or do online business you are quick to give yourself tag name called CEO.

Anyway, here what it takes to becoming a real and successful business owner: 

  • Passion
  • Curiousity
  • Readiness to market
  • Never give up

Be passionate

It is not just possible for you to venture into selling without having passion for it.

And if you don’t have a passion for the business you want to venture into, you will feel frustrated and it might leads to loss. Before you venture into any business, do well to have a deep passion [love] and always feel good when you are selling regardless of what comes your way.

Be curious

Curiosity will make feel better and improve your day to day activities in business because you will be willingly to know more and this help in times of market instability.

Always be ready to market

Yes, you must be totally ready to market your business as if your life depends on it. And for a business to survive among competitors it needs marketing.

Marketing is like a rocket that makes business owner soars high. To reach your target audience, you need to be unapologetic in marketing your market. Market your business like your life depend on it. 

Never give up

Business has season just like the weather [dry season & rainy season] but in business we have loss days and profit days.

Loss days will make you feel down no matter how strong you are. And during this loss days, be calm to learn and never try to give up because the winning days are always around the corner.

Moreover, giving up on your business is not an option for a winner it also means a coward.


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Boluwatife Odeyale
Boluwatife Odeyale is an Author, a writer, and a teacher who specializes in self development.He has help both young and adult on building their future careers. He is currently in Crescent University Studying Mass Communication, he is the CEO of B2 Concept- a writing service and Ushering Agency.