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7 Words To Avoid When Dealing With Your Clients

Dealing with clients and customers is all about using the right words. The wrong words create a negative impression and will make you lose customers.

Take a look at the 7 words that may be deteriorating your client/customer relationship and are harming your sales in business.

1) I Think: This suggests a lack of confidence and you wouldn’t want to sound uncertain when pitching or trying to close a sale. So instead of saying ”I think this house would be a good fit”, you can say ”This environment is going to be a great place to raise your kids”.

2) Honestly: Adding “honestly” before or after a sentence just says one thing – all you said prior to “honestly” was a big fat lie. And that’s not what you want, do you? So instead of saying ”Honestly the materials used here are only high-grade”, you can say ”The materials used in constructing this house are high-grade only, you can see for yourself”.

3) Seriously: Like “honestly”, “seriously” only goes to say _all I said before this, please don’t take them serious_. So please avoid using this word, seriously!

4) But: This one is a favorite when trying to counterbalance opinions or suggestion. Only that adding “but” in a sales statement negates everything you said before that. So instead of saying ”I know you want a 2-bedroom apartment but I’d advise you buy a 3-bed apartment”, you say ”I know you want a 2-bedroom apartment, so wouldn’t it make better sense if the visitors don’t have to sleep in the living room? Buy the 3-bedroom instead.
Again, try to paint a visual story while pitching a client. Always make them imagine living there already.

5) Cheap : There’s not much to say about this. “Cheap” makes your service feel inferior, low in quality and poor in taste. Avoid it at all cost. Replace cheap with “affordable“.

6) Discount: Just like “cheap“, discounts sound cheap and devalue the worth of the property. So instead of saying ”There’s a discount available on this property”, you can say ”I can offer you something special on this property if you do XYZ”.

7) Maybe: A “maybe” just implies a lack of confidence in what you are speaking about. So instead of saying ”would you maybe consider coming for an inspection tomorrow?”, you can say ”will you be available for a site inspection tomorrow?
There you have it, 7 words you can avoid to make your sales pitch better.


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