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7 Keys Of Quality Customer Relationship

Every entrepreneur, Vendor, Sales person hates losing clients, it’s one thing we don’t like. We all love returning customers, we want a client that will patronize us & definitely refer us to friends & family but what is the quality of your customer relationship?

As an entrepreneur, ask yourself how well do I relate with my clients, how do I manage them? Do I treat them like a royalty or a slave? On a scale of 1-10 how well is my customer relationship skill? You can’t treat your customer in a wrong way & expect them to refer you, it’s impossible.

Customer relationship is very vital in managing a business. Customer relationship is the way your brand interact with customers ensuring they get the best experience from your brand & also leaving then with a positive impression.
A positive customer relationship helps in the following:

1. Retaining of customer: building the right relationship with your customers makes it difficult for your competitors to gain them. 

2. Gaining of customers loyalty: Loyal customers increases your business revenue. A loyal customer will definitely choose your brand products and services consistently over your competitors. Customers’ loyalty is very important in every business.

3. Referral/ free advertisement: when you have a good relationship with your customers, you don’t need to beg them to refer you. It’s will be willingly.

The following are7 keys to build your customer relationship.

1. Communication: it’s an essential way to build your relationship, rather than just yelling them about your business, listen to them, have conversation with them. Make a research on what your customers need & guarantee them that you have a solution to it.  You can’t create a positive relationship without understanding the other person you’re building a relationship with, Interact with them, think on how to serve them more. Don’t create a one-way conversation, let the conversation be interactive. Give answers to all enquires.

2. Gifts: Show appreciation to your clients by gifting them. You can also reward them with discount on your goods.

3. Don’t disappoint your customers: Learn to over deliver & not under deliver. Don’t tell your customer A & deliver B. It breaks their heart & makes you loose their trust. Learn to exceed their expectations.

4. Ask for reviews: Reviews is important in building your business, Customers feel honoured when you ask for their opinion. Give your them the opportunity to make their feelings known. Your customer is the best source of information or your product. 

5. Create value for your customers: Give your customers proper education about your product, let them see a reason to buy your product. Let them see the problem your product is solving.

6. Appreciate loyal customers: They are assets to your business. They advertise your brands without stress. 

7. Address to customers negative feedback and complains: It’s rude to ignore them.

Customer relationship creates loyalty, satisfaction & retention with your customers which result to more profits for your brand.



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Morenike Ajibola
Morenike Ajibola is an importation coach, an entrepreneur, and a perfumerShe is the creative director at 2909SCENTS -An online perfume store that ensures your scent do the talking

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