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3 Great Lessons From Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was a successful scientists. He invented electric light bulb, phonograph and the motion camera. His inventions had impacted the world. I will talk about some lessons from him.

1. Never Give Up

Sometimes it seems like it’s going to be impossible to achieve your goals.  Things won’t work out the way you plan and when the going gets tough most people quit, they give up!  If you want to succeed you need to keep trying.  If something doesn’t work out the first time around, start over and try again.  Learn from your mistakes and never give up! You Are Capable of Doing Amazing Things: We are all capable of achieving greatness.  Unfortunately, most people don’t use their God-given gifts and talents to achieve their goals.  They become afraid of failing, afraid to take risks, and eventually lose sight of their natural talents.   They never end up going after their dreams and end up living an unfulfilling and unhappy life.  Don’t let this happen to you!  You have amazing talents and are capable of literally changing the world!  If you were to do what you are capable of you would accomplish some pretty amazing things in your life!  So, what’s stopping you from living up to your full potential?

2. Do What You Love

One of the main reasons Edison was so successful was because he loved what he did.  Inventing was his passion!  Do you love what you do?  If not, keep looking for something that you love to do.  Once you find it you are setting yourself up to achieve greatness. Finding it difficult to start a business? Click here to learn how to start a business successfully.

3. Failure? There’s No Such Thing!

It took Edison over 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb.  10,000!!  Most people would have given up way before then. Edison didn’t consider his 10,000 attempts that didn’t work to be failures because he learned from those attempts and tried something different.  He persistently kept pursuing his goal and refused to accept defeat.  Learn from your mistakes and never accept them as failures, but lessons learned!



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Boluwatife Odeyale
Boluwatife Odeyale is an Author, a writer, and a teacher who specializes in self development.He has help both young and adult on building their future careers. He is currently in Crescent University Studying Mass Communication, he is the CEO of B2 Concept- a writing service and Ushering Agency.