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120 Most Useful Websites On The Internet

They are over 1.18billion websites on the internet and the number keeps increasing daily, yet, some website are useful than each other.

These useful website are site that increase productivity, makes your works faster and help you learn new skills. They also contains URLs that easy to memorize.

Check out out for these websites below;

viewer.zoho.com— This websites helps you to view presentations and PDFs from the browser.

tubemogul.com— This websites helps to upload videos to YouTube and other websites.

truveo.com— This websites helps to search videos on the web.

scr.im— This websites help you share your email address online without spam.

getnotify.com— This website is a free email tracking service which notifies you when the email you send gets read.

sizeasy.com —This website help you to view and compare the size of any product.

autodraw.com— This website helps you create free hand doodles and helps you transform into beautiful drawings.

fast.com— With this website, you can check the current speed of your internet connection.

slides.com— This websites helps you to creates perfect slides and presentations of any sizes.

screenshot.guru— This websites helps you to take take high resolution screenshots of web pages on your PC and mobile devices.

dictation.io— This website uses Google API to quickly recognize voice in your browser.

reverse.photos— This website helps you to upload images and find similar images on the web.

copychar.cc— This website help you to copy and paste emojis and characters not on your keyboard.

codeacademy.com— This website help you learn programming languages and coding easily.

noisli.com— This website helps you to encircle noises to help you improve productivity.

iconfinder.com— This website provides you divers icons to use on your project and web pages.

jotti.org— This website helps you to scan suspicious files and emails for malwares and viruses.

wolframalpha.com— This website provides answers for you without searching.

earth.google.com— This website provides you beautiful cities, their landmark, orbit in 3D from your browser.

unsplash.com— This website provides all kinds of images to download for free.he best place to download images absolutely free.

videos.pexels.com— This website provides you free HD videos that you can use anywhere.

invideo.io — This website helps you make make videos and new stories for Facebook, YouTube & Instagram

everytimezone.com— This website provides you a vivid view of world time zones.

e.ggtimer.com – This website is a timer for your daily works

random.org— This website help you flip coins, chose random numbers and more

joliprint.com— This website help you to re-format blog and articles as a news paper.

coralcdn.org— This website help you access your website through CDN if your site is down due to heavy traffic.

mywot.com— This website help you check the trust—level of your website.

myfonts.com/WhatTheFont— This website help upload images with text to determine the font family.

fonts.google.com— The website provides you all kinds font.

fontstruct.com— This website helps draw and built your own fonts to use in any web or app.

calligraphr.com— This website help you transfer your handwriting to fonts.

regex.info— This websites helps you find data hidden in your photographs.

youtube.com/webcam— This websites helps you to set up live broadcast easily.

camelcamelcamel.com— This site helps you create Amazon price watches and get email alerts when the prices drop.

homestyler.com— This website helps you design and remodel your home in 3D.

pdfescape.com – This website helps you edit PDFs in browser without acrobat.

draw.io – This websites helps you create diagrams, wireframe and flowcharts in the browser.

web.skype.com— This website helps you to make audio and video calls in your browser with Skype.

onlineocr.net— This website helps you recognize text from scanned PDFs.

wetransfer.com— This website is for sharing really big files online.

file.pizza— This website helps to do peer to peer file transfer over WebRTC without any middleman.

snapdrop.com— This website helps you to share files directly between devices without uploading within the same network.

hundredzeros.com— The website helps you download Kindle books for free.

app.grammarly.com— This website helps to check your writing for spelling, styles and grammatical errors.

noteflight.com— This website helps you write a d print music sheet online.

translate.google.com— This website helps you translate web pages, PDFs and other office documents.

kleki.com— This website helps you create sketches and paintings with different brushes.

similarsites.com— This website helps you discover similar site on the internet.

bubbl.us – This website helps you brainstorm ideas and create mind maps in the browser.

color.adobe.com— This website helps you get and extract colour and photographs.

canva.com— This website helps you make graphics, presentations and resumes with ready made templates.

lmgtfy.com – when your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own.

midomi.com— This website helps you find the name of a song.

history.google.com— This website help you locate all your past Google searches and UR.

faxzero.com— This website helps you send online fax for free.

tinychat.com— This website helps you set up your private chat room in micro seconds.

privnote.com— This website helps you create text notes that will destruct itself after reading.

domains.google.com— This website helps you to quickly search domain for next big idea.

squoosh.app— This website helps to compress images online offline.

downforeveryoneorjustme.com— This website helps you check if your favourite website is online or offline.

gtmetrix.com— This website helps you check and measure your site performance.

builtwith.com— This website helps you find web hosting company, email provider, CMS used and all other vitals of a website.

urbandictionary.com— This website provides you the meaning of informal words and slangs.

seatguru.com – This website is a place to consult before book a seat for your next flight.

stackblitz.com— This website is a playground for building web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

flightstats.com— This website helps you to track flight and their status at airports world-wide.

mymaps.google.com— This website helps you create custom Google maps with scribbles, custom shapes and pins.

snopes.com— This website helps you find out if email offer is real or a scam.

typingweb.com – This website is a master touch typing, it also enhance your typing speed.

screenr.com— This website helps you record movies on your PC  and send them to YouTube straightaway.

bounceapp.com— This website helps you capture full length screenshots of web pages.

goo.gl— This website helps you shorten long URLs and convert them into QR codes.

untiny.me :- Find the original URLs that’s hiding behind a short URLs.

 localti.me— This website helps you to know more than the local time of a city.

copypastecharacter.com— This website help you copy and paste special characters missing on your keyboard.

topsy.com— This website is a better search engine for twitter.

fb.me/AppStore—This websites helps you apps on iOS without launching iTunes.

office.com— This is the website for downloading template, clip arts and images for office documents.

woorank.com— This website shows you everything you wanted to know about a website.

virustotal.com— This website scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.

wolframalpha.com— This website gets you answers directly without searching .

printwhatyoulike.com— This website print web pages without the clutter.

todo.microsoft.com— This web is a to-do apl and task manager.

minutes.io— This website helps you to capture important notes during meetings.

talltweets.com— This website helps you to turn Google Slides in animated GIFs, pesentations and videos.

ifttt.com— This website helps you to connect all your online accounts.

namechk.com—This website helps you search for username to use on domains and social medias.

gist.github.com— This website create anonymous and secret text notes and much more.

mathsolver.microsoft.com— This website helps to solve calculus, trigonometry, algebra and other Maths problems with step-by-step details.

powtoon.com— This website helps you create reate engaging whiteboard videos and presentations with your own voice overs.

carrd.co— This website helps you build one page responsive websites that look good on every screen.

spark.adobe.com— This website helps you make stunning video presentations with voice narration.

anchor.fm— This website is the easiest way to record a podcast that you can distribute on iTunes without paying for hosting.

duolingo.com— This is website that teaches you to speak French, Chinese, Spanish or any other language of your choice.

buffer.com— This is the easy way to post and schedule updates on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

10minutemail.com— This website helps you create disposable email addresses inserting sign—up forms.

pixton.com— This website helps you create your own comic strips and characters, and also move them into any pose.

twitterbots.com—This website helps you create your own Twitter bots that can auto-reply, send direct message, follow people and more.

headspace.com—This website helps you to learn the art of meditation and reduce stress, focus more and even sleep better.

forms.studio— This website helps you to receive files from anyone in your Google Drive with File Upload Forms.

class-central.com— This website is a directory for free online courses offered by universities worldwide.

googleartproject.com— This website helps you to discover famous paintings, museum and art treasure around the world.

instructables.com— This website provides step by step guides on how to build anything and everything.

flowgram.com— This website helps you make graphics, charts and infographics.

figma.com— This website helps you create product mock-ups and wireframes.

photos.icons8.com— This website make your own stock photographs in high-resolution with custom backgrounds, models and facial expressions.

gohighbrow.com— This website helps you create short courses on a variety of topics, chapters are delivered by email every morning.

appinventor.mit.edu— This website helps you build your own apps for Android and iOS by dragging blocks instead of writing code. Same with thunkable.com.

htmlmail.pro— This website helps you send rich text emails with Gmail mail merge.

wirecutter.com— This is a website to get vacuum cleaner and SD card.

mockaroo.com— This is a website to download mock data to fill the rows in your Excel spreadsheet.

witeboard.com— This is a website that has digital whiteboard for teams to cooperate during online meetings and classes.

duckduckgo.com— This is Google search alternative that doesn’t track you on the Internet.

where-am-i.co— This is website to find postal address of your current location on Google maps.

zerodollarmovies.com— This website is a large collection of free movies curated from YouTube.

getrevue.co— This website helps you to start an online email newsletter and get detailed analytics on your subscribers engagement.

upwork.com— This is a website to get freelancers and experts to work on any kind of project.

razorpay.com— This is a website to easily request payments from customers anywhere in the world.

udemy.com— This is website to online video courses on everything.

Do you think some website are not listed, please add yours.

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