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10 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Sick & Preventions

One of the reasons people keeps getting sick is because their immune system is malfunctioning, this is because of the presence of germs and bacterias; and if it is an infections, it may take longer time to recover.

I have highlighted major reasons why you do fall sick and their preventions.

1. Stress

Stress is one of the common causes of illness in the body. When you get stressed, your brain produces stress hormones– Cortisol. People who are stressed constantly are prone to viral infections like flu and cold.


– Exercise Regularly

– If stressed constantly, consult your health care consultant.

2. Not Using Hand Sanitizers At Store & Offices

According to research, it is found that people gets sick for not using sanitizers at stores, supermarket, work etc

Yes! Don’t be surprised. A study found that half of the shopping carts of average stores carries diseases that causes bacterias including desks, tables, keyboards at work.

Remember, you are not the only one using those carts/tables, hundreds of people if not thousands use them daily which is likely to increase the chances of getting infected with divers diseases.


– Some stores/offices have wipes to wipe off the handles of carts/tables use them and let it dry completely between 15–20seconds.

– Do go to supermarket/office with your sanitizers to wipe handles of carts/tables, etc

3. High Intake Of Sugars

One of the reasons most people keeps getting sick is because they eat too much of sugar. It is recommended by American Heart Association that men should take 36grams of sugar per day while women should take 24grams per day.

Sugar causes inflammation; inflammation decreases and weakens white blood cells.


–Reduce consumption of sugar or processed foods

– Eat fruits and vegetables to keep yourself healthy.

4. Not Sleeping Enough

Sleeping is like charging your phone to get enough power or a full bar. When we sleep, the body is recharged and the immune system stays intact.

During sleep, the produces cytokines (inflammatory proteins)  . Inadequate sleep is likely to cause Flu and Colds.


– Get 7 to 9 hours of night sleep.

– If unable to sleep, consult your doctor.

5. Unclean Hands

It was during coronavirus pandemic that some people gets to know that unwashed hands brings illness.

According to research, 17% of women and 24% of men don’t wash their hands after using the rest room while another study at Michigan State University shows that only 5% do wash their hands correctly.


–Wash your hands vigorously before and after using the rest room

– Wash your hands vigorously before and after eating.

– Wash your hands vigorously whenever it is dirty.

Note: All must be done with soap and water

6. Inadequate Intake Of Water

Water helps to lubricates the body system. Water flushes baterias from the body system, carried nutrients to the cells, etc.

Staying dehydrated strains your immune system and decreases antimicrobial proteins that comes into your saliva.


–It is advisable to drink 4 to 6 cups of water in a day.

7. Not Cleaning Your Mobile Phones

A microbiologist at University Of Arizona tested phones and discovered a hundred thousand bacterias. Your mobile phones are sources of viruses because of their mobility, hence, the virus too are mobile.


–Use microfibre, or cotton pad to disinfectants your phones with 60% of water and 40% of alcohol atleast once per month.

– Don’t spray directly onto the phone to avoid damages.

8. Too Much Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are strictly for treating bacteria infections not viruses like Flu. If you take antibiotics for viral infections, the antibiotics attack baterias that are beneficial or not causing disease.


–Whenever you fall ill, let your doctor prescribed drug for you,  don’t tell him what you want, let him know how you are feeling.

9. Loneliness

Loneliness decreases immunity as a result of the decrease in genes that produces antibodies and immunity.

Loneliness causes serious stress and chronic diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis.


– Do not get too Loney

– Endeavour to be around people regularly.

– Socialise

– Psychologically your immune gets boosted and stress reduced when you hug, hence, do the simple act of hugging.

10. Public Transportation

People who take public bus transportation likely to get respiratory infections than people who walk. This is because they mix with different people and their germs.


–Use sanitizers before and after boarding a bus or wash your hands with soap and water after getting off public transportation.

– Wear face mask if you are passing through dusty roads.



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