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10 Profitable Business Ideas For Festive Period

Do you want to make some money during festive period such as Christmas, New Year, Salah, etc. They are different profitable business ideas for festive period. etc. Festive periods are good time for you to venture into some business and make some money for yourself.

While others spend money during festive periods, it is an opportunity for you to make cool cash from those money spent. 
Most of the business during these periods requires little capital and you can make huge money that you haven’t make on a normal business day. Grab the opportunity and your business and financial level will never remain the same.

I have listed 10 business idea that will make you earn cool cash during festive periods. Please check them below.

1. Selling Of Clothes

This is the most common business idea for festive period. Whenever festive period is approaching, both young and old wants to look good as it has become a general tradition to buy clothes during these periods. Besides, some organization or religion do buy Santa’s Costume for Christmas party.
You can start selling clothes from the comforts of your home if you have no shop or store. All you have to do is to create awareness– let people know what you are selling, sell to your internal customers(family & friends), let them do the talking for you and make a cool cash for yourself.

2. Christmas Light, Tree & Designs

During festive period, Christmas precisely, everybody wants to make their environments, home and companies beautiful and attractive. The demand for lighting arrangements and designs are always on the high side. If you are skillful in this area, you can start this business and if you are not, you can learn them within some hours or days depending on how you can catch up.

3. Gift Basket (Hampers)

Festive period is a season of giving and sharing. People want to give out to their loved ones. Gift baskets popularly known as hampers is an eminent way of packaging goods. You can into this business and earn huge amount of money. All you need to do is to buy those basket and items in large quantities from wholesale store, arrange those items into the basket, and turn the basket into an attractive gift. Some of the items to be in the basket are Milk, Milo/Bournvita, Coffee, Bread, Sardines, Sugar, etc 

4. Event/Party Planning  & Decoration

This is another business idea to start during festive period. Some people and religion do organise party during this period. You can help people to plan their parties and decorate for them as well, this requires low capital to start up as you can rent the things needed to decorate and pay or balance up after you are fully paid.

5. Selling of Liquors

During festive period, families, guys and some ladies will always buy liquor to drink and celebrate with their friends while others will have to drink, stay chill and keep themselves warm as they celebrate. This is one of the common business idea for festive period. You can make quick bucks by selling this in and to your community members.

6. Greeting Cards

During festive period, people give out greetings card to their love ones, family, friend and customers. You can buy these cards from wholesalers and sell to your friends, family, community members and colleagues.

7. Making Of Santa Hat

If you want another business idea that sells more during festive period, Christmas precisely, please go for Santa Hat. It requires low capital to start. You produce in large quantities and sell to retailers.

8. Fashion & Costume Jewellery

During festive periods, the demand for jewellery and costume do increase. These can be golden chain, beads, precious stones, make up kits, etc On a normal day ladies will always want to look good, how much more during festive period; you can make cool cash from here too. Buy these jewellery and make huge amount of money when you resell.

9. Selling Of Children Toys

During festive period, toys sells very well. Some people do buys toys to surprise their kids while some do buys toys to keep the kids busy while they are working. You can venture into this business as children toys are very cheap and profitable.

10. Flower & Balloon Arrangements

During festive period, people look for flowers and balloon arrangements in their houses and parties. If you are skillful in this area or creative in decoration, you can offer your service and start making money.

Having said all this, to make more money from the above listed, promote your product online and sell from local stores(if any). 
I hope this 10 business idea will help you to make more cash as you kick-start. Remember you need to be consistent and determined in whatever you do in business.


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