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10 Gift You Should Never Give Your Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to express affection, especially romantic one usually in form of gift or message to your love one.

To save yourself from unnecessarily pain of mind, I have highlighted list of what you need not to buy your love this year.

1. Clothing
Do not try to buy clothes for your love on Valentine day except you know her favourite brand and size.

You are likely to offend your partner if you choose something that’s not her favourite brand, too small or too big.

2. Fake Flowers & Fake Jewelleries
If you are planing to get flowers or Jewelleries for your love, do ensure to get original one, it might be expensive but it worth it if you truly love your partner.

3. Gym Membership
You may think you got it right, oh no, you haven’t. You partner is likely to think you are telling her she is shapeless or needs to get in shape.

Women hates been told their body is not in shapeless especially on  Valentine’s Day.

4. Gift Cards
Buying your love a gift card is a simple way of saying you are taking easy-to-do options. You can think outside the box and buy something meaningful for your love.

5. Taking Dinner At Horrific Restaurant
Valentine’s day is about  flowers, chocolate and dinners with candlelight. Hence, if you are planning to take your love to a dinner, it must be a romantic one at the right place and do ensure your partner is served her favourite.

All these little things amount to something, makes a difference and make such period a day to remember.

6. Bath Products
Getting bath products for your love on Valentine’s Day is very risky because most ladies and guys have bath products. Except she asked for certain products or run out of hers, do not try to do this.

7. Extravagant Spending
It is good to spend for your partner, however, spending too much can be too overwhelming.

Simple gifts are okay especially if the relationship is new.

8.Pots, Pans & Utensils
You may think you have nailed it but its wrong.

Buying pots and pans for your partner on Val day means you are telling your partner to cook for you.

This is not advisable except your partner requested for this.

9. Football Match Ticket

If your partner is a football fan, this may be a perfect gift but if she is not, you are on your own, definitely.

10. Nothing
Doing nothing for your partner on Valentine’s is totally wrong, it shows you don’t care.
Doing something no mater how small shows you care.

I hope this helps, if you think something is missing, kindly drop your comment



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